Oh, arrrrrggggghhhh

The day started off simply enough.

It took an hour of waiting before I could finally get in today. =_= That was a lot of waiting around…

I tried to reincarnate, but I couldn’t because I had something at the broker’s. I had to swap out an item, sell the item originally at the broker’s, then grab my weapon back.

I reincarnated and went around to say hello to all my friends.

Hi Hyo!It feels weird not being in a guild anymore…

And I was a guard again.

1) So, I went to see SSX, who was no longer my commander. She wouldn’t speak with me until I cleared out space in my inventory, so I was planning to ask a buddy to hold onto a weapon for me (through the broker) when I realised I could just throw a sword at the broker.

2) Went to the broker and for some reason, handed over my L2 sword.

3) Returned to SSX who told me to go home.

4) Ran back home and left. When I stepped outside, Sun Jian handed me a spear.

5) Hurried back to SSX and pledged to work for her. Was assigned some quests and a test.

6) Rushed to Merchant to sell spear and found spear was equipped, so I couldn’t.

7) Dashed home to equip my L2 sword, and remembered it was at the broker’s.

8 ) Sprinted to the broker and…oh, what the hell. I’ll just use the spear for the quests and test.

9) Did 2 quests (S + S, of course) and went back to SSX for promotion.

10) Realised I had forgotten to take the test.

11) Zoomed back to clerk and took the test. Piece of cake, even with the unfamiliar spear.

12) Went back to see SSX, who told me I needed to clear out inventory space before she could promote me…Oh, arrrrrggggghhhh.

13) Tired of running around like a chicken with her head cut off, I decided to quit for the day.

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